tired «tyrd», adjective.
1. weary; wearied; fatigued; exhausted: »

The team was tired, but each boy continued to play as hard as he could. Figurative. His suit always looked a bit tired after he had worn it all week.

2. sick (of); impatient (with): »

Oh, you make me tired! (Sinclair Lewis).

[originally, past participle of tire1]
tired´ly, adverb.
tired´ness, noun.
Synonym Study 1 Tired, weary, exhausted mean drained of strength, energy, or power of endurance. Tired is the general word: »

I am tired, but I must get back to work.

Weary means feeling worn out and unable to go on: »

Weary shoppers wait for buses and streetcars.

Exhausted implies without enough energy left to be able to go on: »

Exhausted by near starvation and bitter winds, the man lay in a stupor.

combining form. having _____tires: »

A rubber-tired vehicle = a vehicle having rubber tires.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.